Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Hello readers, what a lovely March day it is!

In February I did a Photo A Day Challenge... I had not participated in one for some time & thought it might be fun:)

I really did enjoy this Photo A Day Challenge more then I have in the past, thanks for Fat Mum Slim!
She did a wonderful job coming up with fun things to take a picture of each day. :)

Here's a recap of the challenge & my month!

1:: me
3:: C is for.... 
4:: my puppy love 
5:: I am a...
6:: out & about 
7:: create 
8:: day at the beach 
with my lovey 
9:: Chester! 

{these are not all from the photo a day, but it's a little recape of my month} 

I hope March is a great month for y'all! 

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