Sunday, May 22, 2011

Goal "The Result Or Achievement Toward Which Effort Is Directed"

A blog post came up in my reader today... Titled "Summer 2011 Goals" It inspired me to make my own goals. I am someone who makes lots of goals every year. But I usually don't written any down for the summer. Well guess what, I am going to write some down for this summer.

1. Schedule More Quit Time In Prayer & Bible Reading.
I don't make near enough time during the week to just sit down and really read my Bible & pray. I don't take time to slow down.

2. Blog
My goal is to blog more consistently

3. Play Guitar
I have played guitar since I was 8 years old... But over the past 4 or 5 years I don't hardly ever play. I want to change that!

4. Sew Dresses
I love dresses.... But I have been finding the same problem with almost every dress I like... They are to short. So I think I have solved the problem.. Make my own!!

5. Budget My Money
Over the summer I should be bring in a little more income. And as I do so I want to save most of it. I have school to pay for, trips I want to take, and a future goal. And those things take money. HAHA

6. Exercise
I am a fairly thin, healthy, young adult... But just because I am thin does not mean I don't need exercise. Even though sometimes I think other wise...

7. Eat Healthy
6 & 7 kind of go together. Along with exercise I need to also watch what go into my body.

8. Read
Reading is not my thing... About a month or so ago my sweetie gave me a book to read... Have I finished it??? No... I want to take time to sit down and read more over the summer.

9. Limit My Time Online
I waist more time online doing nothing.

10. Cooking
Okay, not to sure about this one... But I want to try and cook a little bight more then I do now. Cooking is a huge chore for me. But One day I will be on my own, and I wont have mom to cook for me.

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