Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Listen To The Words I Have To Tell You

Over the past few months I feel like my life has been changing in ways I never sow coming. I guess God does not show you things till he knows your ready for them.
There are things that I was so very sure I was going to do, and out of know where my hearts desires changed. And things I was not sure of are now so clear. God does so many amazing things that we may not be what we thought. But at the end we are much better off just trust our Lord with EVERYTHING.

One of the things that have changed is school. I have been planning now for about 2 years to go to cosmetology school. But about a month ago I got the calling to become a Christian Family Therapist. I am so excited to start school. Children and teens I have such a heavy heart for them and there problems in life. I want everyone to know that someone does care for them even when it seems that know one does. So many doors have been opening to just keep showing me this is what He wants me to do. My Lord is so good!!!


Not only did school plans change, but feeling have changed also. Someone in my life who is my world has become even more to me the past month or so. Have you ever had someone in your life who is always there.... You do everything, tell everything to this person. But you don't think of them more then just your friend.... And then one day you wake up and see them, and something inside of you has started to change for them. You find yourself thinking about them all the time. You start to care for them in a deeper way then before.
I cant wait to see our relationship grow, and for us to grow closer. This boy is my best friend and always will be my best friend.


So for my readers that is a update on a couple things in my life. I am so very happy and content with the way things have been changing. And I know the Lord only has the best planned for me.

"I wanna live a life worthy of Your calling Lord. Remove all the things that hinder me from loving You"
Ryan Modrow

{To my loves have a wonderful weekend}

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