Saturday, April 9, 2011

19 & Crazyyy

A couple weeks ago was my 19th birthday. And this year I did things a little different.... My best friend Brett's birthday is the day before mine. So him and I spent a week celebrating our birthdays.

On Monday we hung out with Alisha and Gavin then went and watched a movie.

Tuesday we went and sow Showbread with Alisha and Nikki :) Awesome night!

Wednesday we went to Brett's church for a 20 or something get together.

Thursday we stayed up late and said goodbye to his birthday, and hello to mine.

Friday I had dinner with my family, then went and spent some time with Alisha.

Saturday we had a double birthday party.
It was a really fun week! I could not image spending it with any other people then my besties!!! I love Alisha and Brett like... tons!

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