Friday, October 15, 2010

What Makes My World Go Round

So the other day one of my friend made a post called things that make me happy. I loved reading her list of things that make her happy. I stole the idea and added my own twist to things. This one is called “What Makes My World Go Round” This is a list of things I love and makes my world exciting and my own.

~ ~ ~

My Lord and Savor is the most important thing in my life. I try my best to serve Him and every thing I do. I think it is so amazing to see how God works in my life and other peoples lives around me. He is an all mighty God and deserves all praise and glory.

My 3 best friends make me the happiest. We are the perfect fit, Gavin - The Brawns, Alisha - The Brains, Brett - The Canadian, Eli (ME) - The Beauty. I love these 3 so much and my life would not be the same with out them. <3

Taco Bell oh how I love you, I will never be unfaithful to you as long as I live. You are so dear and close to my heart. And I could never love another the way I love YOU!

Sleep, Wow sleep and I are close. I love to sleep! Naps are my favorite thing.

I have never really liked to read, but when I do read I love to read Jane Austin books. She has great stories. I think Emma is my favorite!

Blogging has become my new thing. I have had this blog for two years and just this year have I really become to enjoy it more. I cant wait to get on my laptop and start typing about my day or some thing new I have found. I <3>

My Family is always there for me. And I am so blessed to have them in my life. I love having the family I do. We have been through a lot and have only grown close for it.

Shopping what can I say I am a girl and love to shop.

Iced Coffee is so yummy and with out coffee I could not make it through the day.

Reggae Music makes me so happy and upbeat. I have fallen in love with Trevor Hall and is amazing voice and lyrics. I you have never listen to Reggae music before, go check it out right now. You will love it!

Boys, what can I say they are goofy , fun and some are so adorable HEHE!.

I use to want to be a Photography after high school, but as plans change for most teenagers I don’t want to be a photographer any more. But I still love to take pictures and get online and edit them. It is so fun to get that perfect moment in life captured with a photo.


Guitar is one of my biggest passions, I love to play new tunes. And I enjoy so much teaching my students to play. To see the smiles on there faces when they learn a new song is such a GREAT reward.

I hope you enjoyed read some of what makes my life my own, and the things I love!

Everlasting Eli

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