Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 6 {Your Beautiful}

In the same spirit as The October Dress Project, October 6th, has been designated as the International Day of Beautiful Women. No matter what a woman wears, her shape, her size, her age, the color of her skin, or any other meaningless variable, she is beautiful...and precious to all her who know her. Tell a woman you love that she is beautiful today.

I got this from a beautiful woman also doing the October Dress Project. I loved it, and had to share it in my own blog. She said today that she went simple with her dress. And in that spirit so did I! I only put a purple tank with my dress and a pair of flip flops. No make up today or big eye caching jewelry. I wanted people to see that I am beautiful for because of who I am. Not for what I wear!

So today tell a woman that she is beautiful {for who she is}

Day 6: The October Dress Project!

The Everlasting Eli <3

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