Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 28: Big L, Beach and Freinds

All I can say is today was AMAZING!

Alisha and I went to Big L's for lunch and got corn fritters! She calls them a little piece of heaven. If you have never tried one you NEED to. They are so amazingly yummy. After lunch we went to the beach! Ok so it is October, and I was laying out at the beach tanning. Yes that is how we Florida girls roll! It was such a perfect day for tanning and being at the beach with my best friend. I had a wonderful time sitting out there talking and laughing and just being girls.

After the beach we went over the Brett's house {like always} and watched "When In Rome". So much fun, after the movie we all started talking about our "battle" scars HAHA.

GREAT night, The Big L's corn fritters, beach, girl talk, coffee, movie and best of all friends who I love.

This has been day 28 of "The October Dress Project" I put a long sleeve under my dress. 3 more days to go! I already cant wait till next year!!!! :)

{Ely Sue}

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