Monday, September 27, 2010

Looking Cute For The First Day

So, I told yall last post that I was in the workings of getting a new job! I had gone in for an interview and a training work day. Both went really well, but I still was not sure if I had the job or not. Well on Friday I for a call with my hours for this week. And I still was not sure if that meant more training {trail bases} or if that meant I had the job. I called the manager back and she said...... I HAD THE JOB!!!! She was so pleased with my work and wanted to hire ME! :) AAAHHHH, I was so excited to hear the GREAT news!

Monday- My first day of work. Went so well, I met to knew people I know work with. They both helped me, and taught me today. It was fun just doing some thing new and different. I enjoyed seeing all the people come in and seeing each persons own style and likes and dislikes in clothing. I have a feeling to will be a great time working at Platos Closet. :)

Looking Cute For The First Day Of Work At Platos Closet!

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