Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life is so great if you look at it from a half full perspective not half empty. If you go though life seeing all the bad and not ever really thriving

Hear what happened last night. A guy I know Ryan was only 18 and had gone out with a friend having a good time they ran a red light on there motorcycle, and they both lost there lives that minute. These two I know thought they had there whole lives ahead of them and in one instant there lives were lost was lost. That night one of my friends called me to talk about what I was feeling. Her and I both did not know him that well but we were still feeling some loss and sadness. He was our age and our friends were friends with him and we had seen him around doing different stuff. We both were thinking how someone so young, someone our age could have died. He had so much more life in him.

I think we should look at this story and take some thing to heart from this lost. If you don’t love life you should. You should make the best of the life you have. Maybe you don’t have all the latest trends or you don’t drive a nice car or own the nicest house. Does that really matter? If you are going to dwell on those things that is really sad. Just be thankful for what you have in this life. We need to be more concerned with leading people to the Lord and not with things. And the things we do have are not ours and we need to use them for His glory not our own.

So get down on your knees today and make sure you are living you life for the Lord not for yourself. Are you unhappy with life? Are you never happy with how your life is going? Well we should not be that way. Check your heart and make sure you are one with God and if you are not make the change today. Ask the Lord to by your save. Ask him to come into your life and make you new. You could be like Ryan and just hanging out with friends and then your life is lost. But Ryan knew the Lord as his savor and if you don’t you will die and be separated from God forever. And that would be the saddest thing to be in hell an awful place with out God. Please make sure you are going to be with the Lord if your life is taken. MAKE THE CHANGE TODAY BEFORE IT IS TO LATE!!!
Ely Sue

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