Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Yesterday I went to find a pair of red shoes to go with this dress I got. The dress is white with red flowers on it, strapless and I wear a white sweater with it. I have to say it is very cute.

So I had to go find a pair of shoes to match. I went in to bealls not really thinking I would find any thing, but it was worth looking. So I got there and sow my friend Holly that made my day so much batter. Then I went in and started looking. I found one pair for 20$ was not sure if I wanted to pay that much. I was looking for more like 10$. And they were not really want I wanted. So I kept hunting. I found lots more pair of red shoes, but still not what I was looking for. I found this one area were things were 50,70,75% off. I found this one pair that I loved. I found out that they were 15$ I could handle that.

So I went to go check out and they rang up to be 10$. SCORE! :) My day could not have gotten any better. I got to see my friend Holly and find a cute pair of red shoes for 10$.

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