Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. " Mark Twain"

One of my best friends and wonderful sister in Christ came over for the weekend. And we talked about how we are both getting older and one day will be out of our family's house and be on our own with out husbands and start our won family.

But it makes me sad some times to think about getting older and living on my own. For one thing when I mess up it will all be on me no more dad coming to fix it and make it all better. And also I will have to really start spending my money more wisely.

Don't get me wrong I cant wait to have my own house and be on my own. But it is kind of freaky to think I am at the age that I could be on my own in a year or two.

I love talking to Jaquelyn we always talk about growing up and things changing. Lets see if one day my life will be as the Lord has it to be. I don't think I will every be mature. I will be very suppressed if I every really grow up. haha :) I hope yall understand what I am saying, because some times I don't even know what I am saying. :))

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  1. Cute new layout! I love hanging out with you. =) Thanks for being a GREAT friend! {{hugs!}}