Saturday, January 24, 2009

My New "old" Car

O my goodness I just got the greatest bless today. I really should start back about 7 months ago.

Over the summer I got a job so I could save for a car. Well I spent all my summer money on camps. So then I started saving again after school started it didn't add up to much. And then Christmas came and I have to buy gifts. SO I had about $300 in the bank.

Then on a Sunday morning at church my Pastor was talking about our church raising money for Hope Children Home for Christmas time. And right there in my seat I felt the Lord talking to me saying to give $200. SO I was like no it really is not of the Lord I am just thinking, But this feeling kept bugging me. I knew it was of the Lord but I really did not want to listen that was my car money I did not want to give it up. So then I went to the bank and gave it " Then with a cheerful heart" to Hope. My friend kept telling me the Lord with provide "The Lord Will Provide".

Well Last night my dads friend came over. And said how he had this car that he was not going to use any more, and asked if I wanted it. YES! I said yes and now got myself a running car for FREE. The Lord did provide and I really did not know that it would be with a free car, ya I thought maybe a cheep car but FREE. It is a towns cars big old grandma car, And I really like it.

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