Saturday, January 10, 2009


4H, I have been in 4H for 7 years and have loved it till about last year. I just have no time any more to do some things that I want to do. I would love start selling card that I make, but I do not have any time.

And I don't feel like I am appreciated with all the stuff that I do. I don't know it just makes me upset how I have to do all this stuff all the time, and then when I don't want to do some thing everyone is going to start getting made or make me feel bad for not doing it. And guess what, then I end up do it.

I have been President in my 4H club for the past three years. I have also held the office of Historian, Youth Counsel Delegate and this year I am on the youth counsel board. Man want to talk about meetings I have meetings just about every week for some thing.

And I do have a life out side of 4H. I have school, I play guitar, I love to make crafts, I have work, and friends that some times miss hanging with me.

AAAA I don't really know what to say I just I'm not having any more fun in 4H. I don't not think I will be doing 4H next year though. I am going to be a senor and I want to have more fun then work and enjoy my last year in school then hate it. Well another day in the life of being in 4H.

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